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DNP.. Installations can carry out all maintenance on phone and data cabling systems and install data and phone points in existing and new homes and offices. We will liaise with clients on the best possible system to use, whether it is separate phone and data systems or a combined system that enables users to change points from phone to data or vice versa without the need to install more points. Whether it is one phone point in your home or 200 phone/data points in your office, our technicians – who all hold the appropriate cabling license – will have you up and running in no time! We specialize also specialize in the design and installation of MATV systems for new complexes including Satellite installations to Pay TV service specifications, Smart wiring for new homes, upgrades and installation of MDF’s at complexes and can even do small jobs like fitting off wall plates. DNP Installations are the ones to call for all your Phone/Data and Television needs.

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