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freeview logoIf you have installed a new television and are experiencing no signal, pixilated or hazy picture quality then it is very likely that there is a problem with your antenna installation. Most older antenna installations are unsuitable for viewing digital channels. Your hi-tech viewing experience will otherwise be useless if the signal received by your old antenna isn’t of top quality and compatible with digital channels. At DNP Installations we offer the exclusive service of our highly trained technical staff that is able to provide you with the best advice in terms of what antennas are most compatible with your viewing device. We also can run that additional outlet to your outdoor area or bedroom, tune in your DVD, TV and Set top box. Repair and do maintenance on all your television reception faults. With extensive local knowledge and only using the very best materials you are guaranteed to have a high quality of customer satisfaction. Don’t waste another minute watching poor quality television - call us today.

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